eLeSI — e-learning for Social Inclusion

The eLeSI training is open to all

To enroll to the training you just have to create a users account to be able to access to the Moodle Platform. You will then be able to enroll to the training modules.
Access to the Moodle Platform

The navigation guide that you will find bellow will be helpful for the enrollment process.
Download the navigation guide for the learner (.pdf, 1,8 Mo)

We invite you to read it carefully before creating an account.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a compilation of the most common questions that learners ask. For any other questions, refer to the Navigation Guide for Learners (which you may download in the 'Read before starting' section as well as on the 'e-learning' tab on the www.elesi.eu website.

1. I'm having problems accessing the videos in the modules (playing and downloading them, for example)

A transcript of each video is online, so that learners can still access content in the event of a technical problem. Video display problems are most often due to the type of connection, because of very slow and unstable connection speed. These problems are entirely due to the learner's internet connection, and are not caused by the Moodle platform. We encourage you to try playing the video with other browsers (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

2. I'm having problems registering on the Moodle platform. I haven't received a confirmation email to validate my account—although I did complete the registration form, and provided an email address.

Yahoo.fr and yahoo.com addresses have problems, because their email servers are very strict, and do not distribute several messages. This is why we recommend using another address to create an account (an address with Gmail or a professional address, for example).

3. I've created my account and I can access the Moodle platform. But I don't see where I can start the course.

Click on the language of your choice, then on the generic module. Then click welcome in the generic module, which is the course introduction.

4. I've validated the generic module. When I fill out the registration key for the specialised modules (0-3 Years, 4-16 Years, and 16+ Years), I get the message "Incorrect registration key". But I think I've entered the right registration key, the one I was given. What should I do?

Some characters can be confusing. You can try copy-pasting, or test variations of a tricky letter (such as 'l', which could be an i or an L). Make sure you're using the right registration code for the module in question.

5. I'm stuck. I can't go to the following lesson. It's always inaccessible.

Make sure you've really completed the lesson. At the end of the lesson, you should receive the message "Congratulations - you've completed the lesson".

6. I've gone through the final evaluation of the generic module, but I can't access the specific modules. What should I do?

If you've successfully completed a test, a file with a registration key for the specific modules will appear. You'll need these registration keys to access the specific modules.

7. How do I know if I've validated a module?

After the test, you'll receive a message specifying whether you've passed the test.

8. I've gone through the final assessment, but I can't see my mark.

That's expected. Your mark will be in the certificate that the consortium issues. You'll be able to download and print it.

9. Do I have to participate in the forums?

We strongly encourage you to participate in the forums. Technically speaking, you can go from one lesson to another without using the forum. But you can truly learn a lot from discussions with other participants on the subjects that are brought up.

10. I wanted to continue a lesson where I left off. But I clicked too quickly, and answered "no" to the question: "Would you like to continue where you left off?". Do I need to start over again, at the beginning of the lesson?

If you click "no", the counters reset to zero. You'll have to start the lesson from the beginning again.

11. When I go to a forum in the middle of a lesson, I leave my lesson page. Do I have to start the whole lesson again?

When you leave a lesson and then return to it, you receive this message:
"You've seen at least one page of this lesson already. Would you like to start with the last page that you've seen?" Yes/No. Select "Yes".

12. When I start a lesson, I don't know how long it will be. How can I find this out?

As you make progress in the lesson, the percentage you've covered appears in a bar. This gives you an idea of the total length of the lesson.

13. I've passed the final test of a module. How can I obtain a certificate?

When you've passed the final test, you can download a certificate at the end of each module. You can also download the certificate later, within one year. Click "certificate" at the end of the module, after the test. If you have any other questions about the certificate we issue, please refer to the Navigation Guide for Learners.