eLeSI — e-learning for Social Inclusion

Training program

The eLeSI training provides

1 generic training module about people with learning disabilities, autism spectrum conditions and/or mental health problems;
3 specialized modules, each one focusing on a specific age group, covering the person's developmental steps and life-course approach (0-3 years ; 4-16 years, 16 years +) together with various aspects concerning the inclusion and participation of individuals in all areas of social life.
You may follow one or several specialised modules.

Download the eLeSI training plan  (.pdf, 1,2 Mo)

A Generic Module

The generic training module is about people with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and/or mental health problems.
It is meant for all : teachers and assistants, practitioners, trainers, families, and more generally, anyone whose activity brings them into contact with disabled people.

The generic module allows you to see the backgrounds and situations of disabled people. You will be able to grasp and question the difficulties you have encountered and identify what has helped disabled people in their lives.

There will be case studies of the issues related to various kinds of settings (school, work, leisure…) throughout the life of a disabled person. Historical, psychological, medical, legal and other information will enable you to take the case out of context, and then make other cases more understandable, and offer initial ideas for how to support disabled people. The three other modules will develop these ideas.

Specialized modules

0-3 years Module

4-16 years Module

The 4-16 Years module is mainly focused on the inclusive school.
Through several case studies, the learner will grasp what inclusive schooling means. The learner will also use interactive situations to adapt the teaching to students with specific educational needs. The learner will see examples of ways to adapt the teaching. Some examples are inspired by special educational approaches for students with autism spectrum disorders. These practical studies will also offer a few thoughts on arts and sports.

16 years and over Module

The 16+ Years module aims to allow the learner to understand and apply the key concepts to properly support people with disabilities.
For people ranging from teenagers to the elderly, you will be offered ways to take action that respect their rights of individuals, their obligations, and the choices and decisions that they make in their daily lives.